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Stewart Analysis

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Ion Spa

Welcome to, home to the premier ionic foot bath in the world!

The innovative science behind our ionic foot bath has set new standards in the industry. The ionSpa™ is built with state of the art quality, durability, and safety. The Intelli-Drive system, featured in the ionSpa Portable and Professional units, ensures you will have detoxifying pleasure from your very first session.


The ionSpa Personal v6 is our classic model in the ionSpa family of detox foot baths. The Personal is designed for budget minded users who are seeking a quality footbath at an affordable price. As with the ionSpa Portable and Professional units, the Personal is a US manufactured, 24 volt unit that features solid state construction using only the best components available.

This unit has the power, safety, effectiveness, and reliability of units costing over double our price! This is the only fully US manufactured Detox Foot Bath for under $1000 available. Built by one of the very first manufacturers of ionic footh baths- We are not a fly by night internet "Company".


Solid State, US Manufactured - Reliable, durable and safe.

  • Multiple Power Settings - For maximum session control, with both positive and negative polarity.
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Begin Sessions IMMEDIATELY - Including Power Supply, Cords, GFCI, Sea Salt, Disinfectant, Cleaning Brush, Tub Liners and Pictorial Instruction Manual.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty - Protects your investment with a warranty.
  • Lifetime Technical Support - Have a question? Need help? Actual people are here to answer your calls!

We are now pleased to offer the reputation of the ionSpa detox footbath in an economical package. The ionSpa Personal is available for the affordable price of $795! Why waste $500 on a potentially hazardous imported unit with few features and little warranty? Don't sacrifice quality for price!


For the discerning practitioner who wants to offer their clientele the detoxifying benefits of the ionSpa foot bath in their business, we have the ionSpa Professional v7 unit.

The Pro is US manufactured and functions with the same Intelli-Drive technology as the portable unit, but is specifically designed for clinical environments. Incorporating the ionSpa into your practice is a profitable and beneficial approach to your client’s health and welfare.

Watch our video for more information on the ionSpa Pro.


  • Newest v7 Software – v7 is even more reliable, user friendly and safe.
  • v7 Allows 3 Language Settings – English, Spanish and French. User friendly for ALL people!
  • Controls Built Into a Sleek Molded Tub – For easy programming. Has all the software features of the intelli-drive system. Read about our new more powerful upgrades here!
  • Two Arrays – No down time between sessions!
  • Plastic Tote – Makes transporting and disposing of water easier.
  • Multiple Power Settings -with full +/- polarity
  • EVERYTHING You Need to do your first 100 sessions and more
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support

Other professional grade units can cost up to $2,895 and be overly complicated to operate. Compare that to our user-friendly Pro unit value of only $1,395. You and your customers deserve the best!