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Your Body’s Thanking You Already

There are approximately 5 million red blood cells in one drop of blood.

When you’re trying to decide what’s right for your body, utilizing darkfield microscopy testing is an optimum choice. 

As whole life wellness coaches and nutritional microscopists, we don’t ‘poke and scare’, we educate and empower people to take control of their health. Our well-defined and traditional methods help us identify potential health concerns using one drop of blood to detect your blood morphology and build a wellness plan that helps you achieve your health goals.

It’s never too early to start being a better version of yourself and with nutritional blood analysis, we can empower and support you to do exactly that!

Nutritional Blood Analysis

Learn what is keeping you from having the best health of your life.

Personalized Health Plans

Learn how to conquer your health challenges with a personalized health plan.

Blood Analysis Training

Educate yourself in observing and analyzing blood for better health.

Live Blood Analysis

We can get in touch with your body’s needs, with time-tested approaches to observation.

Dry Blood Analysis

We’ll find out what possible stressors on your body’s systems linger in the blood.

Mouth Pathology

We look at your mouth’s microbial environment to identify various health risks.

The Key to Better Health Is in You

Nutritional blood analysis is a way of looking into your body’s needs and using that information to provide an ideal plan: from diet to hydration, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more. 

Whether you’re suffering from fatigue, auto-immune issues, or digestion issues like gastritis, nutritional blood analysis can help you take control of your body. By looking at oxidized stress levels and understanding what is causing the body to break down and become inflamed, we can understand what our bodies need (or don’t need) to achieve optimal health.  

Seeing The Difference

Darkfield microscopy is a powerful visual tool, helping us learn about ourselves from the inside. We gain perspective on our lifestyle choices based on what cells are aging or degenerating and which ones are beautiful and healthy. In practice, negative habits breed negative results in our body, and the same is true of positive ones. That’s why exercise, proper diet, and other holistic practices can be key to changing your body’s health, with outcomes that are measurable and tangible. Find out what changes might be good for you through our live blood analysis.

After all, ‘The life is in the blood’.

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