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Stewart Analysis

 Specializing in Darkfield Microscopy.

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There are approximately 5,000,000 blood cells in one drop of blood.

Looking at live blood you must use Darkfield Microscopy otherwise you cannot see the terrain properly. 

Our goal with each client is to help them understand the whole picture of holistic health we don't, "poke & scare," we educate and provide support to help you make the right choices.

We are each a product of our mind, body, and spirit and we must find the right balance to achieve our goals.

If you have health concerns that you've not had answers too with chronic issues, maybe holistic medicine and alternative therapies are what you need. When we feel tired all the time sometimes we have to explore our life and realize what we are doing isn't working and trying a different approach may have better end results.

Darkfield Microscopy is a powerful Visual tool to help us learn about ourselves from the inside. Seeing aging and degenerating cells or beautiful healthy ones, gives us a perspective on our choices. When we do negative we see negative when we practice positive we see positive. So when a person sees todays results under the microscope, makes adjustments with diet, exercise, holistic practices they then can see the out come. Live blood cell analysis helps us with seeing how much we need to adjust to gain favorable results.

The Life is in the Blood.