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Become An Expert On Your Health

Whether you’re looking to be more in tune with your own body, or you want to learn to help others, the process is the same: a three-day course in body terrain assessment for nutritional analysis. We offer that three-day course to novices in the field as well as to practitioners wanting to add the skill of nutritional microscopy to their everyday wellness work with clients.

Live Blood Tests

Observe live blood with microscopy techniques, learning over 50 key identifiers and anomalies.

Mouth Pathology

Learn about the environment inside the human mouth, as well as what indicates health or harm.

Dry Layer Blood Tests

Use oxidative stress testing to analyze organ health and identify patterns in blood analyses.

Start Your Class Now

Ready to become an expert in nutritional analysis? With us, you can learn to identify anomalies, reading live and dry samples of blood as well as saliva. We’ll teach you hands-on techniques for working with the microscope, setting up your business, marketing your unique tools, and helping others with your observations by turning insights into a holistic health plan.


To maximize support and personal training, class sizes are limited to 4 students at a time. This course can be taken in conjunction with the BIOMEDX online certification course. If you’re ready to become a professional in wellness, sign up now to save your seat in the class!