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You deserve to live life to the fullest, but that’s only possible when you’re at ease. That starts with knowing that you’re taking care of yourself, keeping in mind all the small details that are unique to you. At Stewart Analysis, our goal is to help you understand the whole picture. We can use nutritional blood analysis, where we look at ways to improve, repair, reverse, and heal conditions of the body, using the body as the main source of information. Get a personalized health plan through nutritional analysis today!

Check Yourself

By looking at your blood, we can help you determine what health concerns might need fixing.

Inform Your Healthcare

We bring in a holistic integrative doctor to advise on all treatments recommended by analysis.

Find Real Answers

When other methods can’t reveal what’s been bugging you, nutritional analysis can reveal potential health concerns.

Blood Analysis

Blood tests can reveal important facts about your organ health, free radical damage, hormone imbalances, and heavy metal presences in your body. We look at over 52 aspects in live blood evaluations with a client. Each assessment takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, and we use this time to discuss what we see, the importance of those insights, and how it can be altered to better a client’s health.

Nutritional Analysis Blood
Nutritional Analysis Saliva

Saliva Analysis

There’s a whole biome inside your mouth, and you can learn to understand it. Finding a larger presence of certain bacterias in saliva can mean something else is going wrong. You can learn how oral pathogens affect your body’s health, and what their presence means.

A Path to Wellness

We don’t just help people identify problems. We also step in with realistic, helpful plans regarding diet, water intake, movement, supplements, and more. We follow through with strong advice and action plans take into account the health knowledge of seasoned nutrition experts and holistic doctors alike to help you achieve a better version of yourself.

Nutritional Analysis A Path To Wellness

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