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Learn About The Human Mouth

One of the most dangerous bites in the animal kingdom is ours — the human mouth contains bacteria and other microbes that can be dangerous even to us. Throughout our evolution as humans, our diet has changed greatly, and so the microbiome inside our mouths has changed, too. These changes aren’t always for the better: the mouth of a modern American has an excessively large population of mutated streptococcus, as well as porphyromonas gingivalis, two known oral pathogens known to encourage low diversity in beneficial bacteria and a rise in harmful ones. Learn more about how the mouth works, and how you can decipher health concerns by reading mouth pathology tests.

Discover Microbial Life

There’s a whole biome inside your mouth, and you can learn to understand it.

Connect The Dots

You can learn how oral pathogens affect your body’s health, and what their presence means.

Oral Pathology Scans

Conduct gingival tissue tests and scans for Lyme-related spirochetes to identify health risks.

Gingival Scans

Learn more about the gingival tissue and what types of pathogens to expect or be aware of.

Oral Spirochetes Scans

Find out how to detect spirochetes, a known indicator of conditions like Lyme disease.

Identifying PH Levels

Find out how to test the PH of the mouth for both acid and alkaline levels.

What We See

Finding a larger presence of bacteria like porphyromonas gingivalis or streptococcus in saliva can mean something else is going wrong. Scientific correlations have been found between a rise in these bacteria and diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and type two diabetes. By detecting these pathogens early, you can predict what changes patients might need to make to avoid the dangers of diseases like this.

Learn About Mouth Pathology

If you’re ready to become an expert on the correlations and tests used to determine health through saliva and oral tissue tests, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up now, and get your spot in the next class about oral pathology and its many uses.

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